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June 2024

JSI Workshop: Positive Pluralism and its Limits

JSI Workshop: Positive Pluralism and its Limits In-person event This project asks how freedom of religion should be construed when applied to religious insular communities whose way of life is often at odds with Western assumptions of a good life. I will argue for protection of distinctive religious communal identities as entities in and of ...
18 Jun
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Board Room, Level 4
Sydney Law School

JSI Seminar: Social Rights and Proportionality

JSI Seminar: Social Rights and Proportionality In-person event This seminar outlines a model of proportionality analysis for the adjudication of positive constitutional economic and social rights [hereinafter: social rights]. Three distinctions are the basis of this model: (i) the distinction between empirical and normative aspects of the adjudication of social rights; (ii) between the level ...
20 Jun
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Common Room, Level 4, Sydney Law School
New Law Building (F10), Eastern Avenue, The University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus)

Workshop: The Future of the Criminal Law

Workshop: The Future of the Criminal Law In-person event In the current moment, it is little exaggeration to say the criminal law, and criminal justice more broadly, is in crisis. In liberal legal systems such as that of NSW and other Australian jurisdictions, the idea of a minimalist criminal law (which maximises liberty for individuals) ...
28 Jun
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Law Lounge, Level 1
New Law Building Annex (F10A), Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney (Camperdown Campus)
July 2024

Law & Sustainability Conference

SMU-Sydney-HKU Law & Sustainability Conference Law, Sustainability, and Development: Transforming Pathways in the Asia Pacific Region In-person event Sydney Law School is delighted to announce that it will host the SMU-Sydney-HKU Law & Sustainability Conference at the University of Sydney on July 11-12, 2024. About this event The Asia Pacific region is at a critical ...
11 - 12 Jul
All Day
August 2024
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