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Business Compliance in International Commercial Transactions across Asia Pacific

Business Compliance in International Commercial Transactions across Asia Pacific

This international conference will be held on 21 February 2024 at The University of Sydney Law School. 

The year 2024 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Shanghai Winter School program, offered by the University of Sydney Law School in collaboration with the East China University of Political Science and Law. To celebrate this milestone, the Sydney Law School will proudly host an academic conference titled ‘Business Compliance in International Commercial Transactions in Asia Pacific’ on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Business compliance in international transactions across the Asia-Pacific region holds immense importance for organizations seeking to expand their activities within this dynamic and evolving landscape. Multinational corporations operating in Asia Pacific often confront unique compliance challenges due to the swiftly changing regulatory and geopolitical environment in the region.

The event will take place at the Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney Law School in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday February 21, 2024. The primary language of the conference will be English.

We will also be holding a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Shanghai Winter School program after the conference. You will need to register separately for this event. Please find further details here.

The Conference will cover the following topics:

Keynote: Justice and injustice in foreign judgments – does terminology matter?

Professor Andrew Dickinson, Oxford University Law School

Anti-Money Laundering: current challenges and new responses

Victoria Trent, Commonwealth Bank

  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing compliance: A banking perspective on the value of adopting a commercial risk-based approach.

Dr. David Chaikin and Dr. Lana Nadj, USYD

  • A Critical Analysis of the Risk-Based Approach to Anti-Money Laundering and the Legal Profession

Manvee Kumar Saidha, Trilegal, Mumbai, India

  • Online: Digitisation in Trade Financing: Mitigating Money Laundering Risks through Technological Innovation, Regulatory Interoperability, and Increased Policy-focused Dialogue

Dr Anastasia Suhartati Lukito, University of Surabaya, Indonesia

  • Enhancing Business Compliance Through Beneficial Ownership Disclosure in Indonesia

(Anti-Money Laundering and Corporate Crime Perspectives)

Financial Crime and Corporates

Professor Philip Nichols, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Does Compliance With the Antibribery Regime Require the Use of Artificial Intelligence?

Avin Persad-Ford, Howard C. Cohen & Associates

  • Online: Deferred Prosecution Agreements in Australia: How to Protect the Shawcross Principle

Dr Alan Koh, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence and Director Liability: Bridging the Enforcement Gap

Soumya Rajsingh, Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University

  • Exahing Corporate Compliance for Combating Modern Slavery in India’s Global Value Chain: An Analysis
Private International Law-Arbitration

Professor Luke Nottage, USYD

  • Compliance with Alternative Dispute Resolution commitments in international commercial and investment agreements

Yang Liu, ECUPL

  • Unilateral Sanctions as Defenses in Investment Arbitration

Ganesh Sahathevan, Centre For Industrial Research, Melanesian Mambefor Corporation

  • Remote Sensing Evidence in The Resolution Of Disputes Concerning Non-Compliant Carbon Credit Products

Dan Xie, ECUPL

  • The Judicial Understanding and Implementation of Due Process Defence under the New York Convention by Chinese Courts: A Comprehensive Analysis

Private International Law-Litigation

Professor Vivienne Bath, USYD

Professor Tao Du, ECUPL

  • The HCCH Conventions in Chinese Courts

Dr Yan Li, Seoul National University Law Research Institute

Declining Jurisdiction in China and South Korea: A Mixture of Civil and Common Law Culture in Private International Law?

Dr Thu Thuy Nguyen, Hanoi Law University

Online: The Barriers for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Vietnam


Private International Law-International commercial transactions

Professor Bing Ling, USYD

Dapo Wang, Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • Economic Sanctions and the Trade-Compliance Dilemmas for Chinese Companies

Dr Lemuel Didulo Lopez, RMIT University

  • Online: “Choice of Forum Clause and the Protection of Weaker Parties: Lessons from Asia”

Stefano Dominelli, University of Genoa, Italy

  • Online: “‘Once a Trader, Always a Trader’ – Or Maybe not: The EU Law Shaping of the Law of State Immunities”


Cross Border Flow of Data

Professor Henry Gao, Singapore Management University

  • WTO Joint Statement Initiative on E-commerce: half full or half empty?

Shangxuan Wu, ECUPL

  • An Anatomy of China’s Cross-border Data Flow Regulation Regime

Dr Phoebe Li and Dr. Minako Morita-Jaeger, University of Sussex School of Law

  • Online: Interoperability of the UK’s data governance regimes: From domestic to international trade perspectives

Naeem Allah Rakha, Tashkent State University of Law

  • Online: “Towards a Cross-Border Cyber-security Legal Framework: Examining Data Protection Compliance Risks in Digital Trade across the Asia Pacific”

Data Protection and Security

Yixian Li, Ravi Prakash Vyas and Inma Conde, USYD

  • Is China the World’s Biggest Face Recognition Dealer?: Global Companies and China’s Data Surveillance and Privacy Laws

Guangyi Qu, ECUPL

  • The Concept of Security in International Trade Law

Tianqi Gu, USYD

  • Data Protection and National Security—Foreign Direct Investment in Australia and China

Fitria Dewi Navisa, Universitas Islam Malang, Indonesia

  • Legality of Legal Products Produced by AI based on Positive Law in Indonesia
Supply Chain Round Table Discussion

  • Professor Zhenjie Zhou, College for Criminal Law Science, Beijing Normal University
  • Dr. Wangjie Chen, ECUPL
  • Online: Minh Nhut Le, International Law Faculty at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law in Vietnam
  • Other speakers to be announced.
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Wednesday 21 February 2024

Venue: New Law Building (F10), University of Sydney, Eastern Avenue, Camperdown campus

Registration: $50 for the full-day conference

For USYD students, staff and alumni, please email us at for a discount code.

Registration has now closed for this event. 

Enquiries may be directed to:


This conference is hosted by the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law at Sydney Law School and the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.


Feb 21 2024


All Day


New Law Building (F10)
The University of Sydney

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